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SpyAgent Keylogger for Windows

SpyAgent Keylogger
Allowing a child to use a Windows computer freely is not a decision many parents are able to say yes to. Why? Because there are so many dangerous situations available when introducing your child to the world of technology. These dangers can cause life long consequences that could result in damaging effects to your child.

Employers are also faced with the issues of what their employees are looking at during work hours. Therefore, it’s necessary for them to be able to monitor their employee’s computer usage, and be alerted to any activity that is not work related.

The solution for both, parents and employers, is an advanced software called SpyAgent Windows Keylogger.

What is SpyAgent Windows Keylogger?

Keylogger is the name which is used to describe a software that logs all keystroke activity that is taking place on the monitored computer’s keyboard. The great advantage of a keylogger software, is it logs every single character that is typed into the keyboard, including passwords in an unhidden form.

The SpyAgent Keylogger is not just a log of keystrokes. It has an array of other features that allows you to monitor all aspects of the user’s computer activity.

What Makes SpyAgent Keylogger for Windows A Clear Choice?

You should always compare softwares before deciding on one that will suit all your monitoring needs. This will help you know and understand what features you need to monitor the user effectively. See what key features are offered by each software.

Here are the top features that make SpyAgent Keylogger a top choice among consumers.

  • Purchase the software one time. Never pay for any subscriptions.
  • A variety of all the best features are offered
  • Provides top 10 comprehensive reports
  • Logs sent via email or FTP giving you mobility
  • Free trial available
  • Monitors in Stealth mode
  • Log files are encrypted to prevent discovery

The extended amount of features that are offered with this keylogger software is what makes it a clear choice.

SpyAgent’s Features

Here is an overview of what SpyAgent Keylogger for Windows can offer you.

  1. Monitoring and surveillance: All keystrokes are recorded, but that is not all this advanced software does. Other surveillance features include, logging websites visited, searches performed, files opened, apps used, instant messenger (IM) chat conversations, screenshots, surrounding sounds, and more.
  2. Security and stealth: This keylogger software runs in stealth mode, and the user has no way of detecting that the software is being used. It is fully untraceable.
  3. Reporting and managing log files: The SpyAgent Keylogger uses the most efficient logs available to provide you with the biggest variety of spying results. They take the top 10 activities and cross reference them, meaning you will not get duplicated information to sort through.
  4. Filtering and blocking: This software is filled with filters and blocking features to help you stop mischievous behavior before it starts.
  5. General features for ease-of-use: SpyAgent Keylogger is built with ease, so that all users can use the software without feeling like they need a refresher course in computer usage. The software installs quickly and monitoring begins instantly.


There are so many reasons to use the SpyAgent Keylogger software for Windows. It is packed with monitoring tools that will help parents and employers get the answers they have been seeking. The software is designed to be used with ease, and you can start monitoring instantly. Plus, pay for SpyAgent Keylogger one time, as it is not a subscription software. Once you pay, you have the software for a lifetime. The only decision left to be made is to purchase this amazing software. What are you waiting for?