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SpyAgent Review

SpyAgent 9.0

SpyAgent has opened a world of opportunity for parents, spouses, and employers. Worrying about what a child is doing on the internet is now a thing of the past. Employers no longer have to be concerned that employees are not doing work while on the job, and if cheating has been an issue with your spouse, SpyAgent will help you get the answers you need.

Life is all bout the choices that we make, and individuals are not always held accountable for their choices. SpyAgent will make sure that wrongdoing is caught, and punishments are enforced.

Award winning

There are thousands of spy software’s available on the market, but SpyAgent has become a clear choice because it is an award winning software that works. It’s easy for spyware to be hyped up, but when there are awards behind their name, you can rest assure that the software does what it says.

This spy software has been named:

Top Ten Reviews Rates

  • #1Computer Monitoring Software since 2010-2016 by Top Ten Reviews Rates SpyAgent
  • #1 SpyAgnet by Keylogger.org
  • 5-star reviewed and most downloaded monitoring app for 10 years running by Snapfiles

These are just of a few of the prestigious awards this spyware has been given. When you go with this software, you know you are getting the quality spyware that will get the job done!


All spying is done in stealth mode, which makes it great to be able to catch the user in their mischievous acts. Protecting your children from the negative effects of the technology world is something that is priceless. Parenting is a hard job, and we can not be with our children 24 hours a day. Thanks to this spy agent, we can know what’s going on when we are not around.

All social websites, email, and chats will be accessible. Seeing who your child or spouse is talking to and what the conversation is about can help you learn what is really happening in their lives. An employer no longer had to worry that trade secrets are being leaked to a competitor. This software will keep an eye on conversations that their employees are having.

Installation is done within minutes, and monitoring begins instantly. In one-click you can gain access to logs and reports, as well as an activity overview. Perhaps, one of the things customers love most about this software is the easy configuration setup wizard. This allows settings to be changed with ease. There is nothing like purchasing a software and being unable to use it because it is too complex to understand.


Snapshots can be taken of the user’s screen and viewed in a slideshow. This gives you the concrete evidenced you need to confront the user about their behavior. You also have the ability to filter the logs by date and user. This makes it nice when trying to find one specified log.

SpyAgent has made it possible to receive quality software at an affordable price, while monitoring computer usage. Getting the answers you are needing just got a lot easier.